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Cigna - Cornell Retiree  

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Welcome to Cigna Trusted Advisor, a site for Cornell University retirees to add and/or update Beneficiary designations.

A message from Human Resources

Welcome to the Cornell University site for retirees that allows you to review and make changes to your beneficiary designations. It’s also a place where you can check to see the amount of retiree life insurance coverage you have. You have two options of how to complete your Beneficiary Designations: 1) Online via the Beneficiary Administration Login link on the home page of this site or 2) Download a paper copy of the form from the Forms tab and submit it via mail or fax.

Please note that your basic life insurance coverage cannot be increased. If you are enrolled in the Supplemental Life Insurance for Retirees, you can decrease or cancel this coverage at any time. If you ported your Group Universal Life, you can increase, decrease or cancel this coverage at any time.

If you need information on decreasing or canceling your Supplemental Life Insurance for Retirees, please contact Benefit Services at 1.607.255.3936 or Let us know your comments on this site. We value your feedback as we consider improvements. You can reach me at

Maureen Brull, Sr. Consultant, Education and Voluntary Plans